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Reutilization of Sheets: Zero Waste

Understand the importance of reusing plastics and discover some of the actions Lamiex takes on behalf of the environment.

In the market for 18 years, Lamiex is a specialist in transforming plastics into solutions, more specifically in the production of PP and HDPE sheets. Plastics are essential to our daily lives, but we also understand how harmful waste management can be to the planet.

Data such as those from the WWF (World Fund for Nature, in English), which show that Brazil is the fourth country that produces the most waste, are alarming. In the survey carried out in 2019, it was found that 2.4 million tons of plastics are irregularly disposed of in the country*. We don’t want to contribute to that statistic.

Lamiex understands its responsibility and the importance of sustainability. Therefore, the company has solutions for the reuse of plastics. Check them out below.

Reutilization of Plastics at Lamiex

Since its foundation, sustainability has been part of Lamiex’s philosophy. The evidence of this are the various initiatives that the company carries out on behalf of the environment, from the circular system of water in the manufacturing process, which does not require disposal, to actions for the reverse logistics of its products.

Regarding sustainability in the use of plastics, Lamiex carries out the following actions:

  • Reverse logistics of customer chips for relaminating;
  • Production of recycled sheets;
  • Return of uncontaminated trims and scraps;
  • Correct disposal of contaminated materials.

Reverse Logistics of Customer Chips for Relaminating

The first solution for recycling plastics at Lamiex is LAMISERVICE. This relaminating service works as follows:

  • Customers who have PP or HDPE residues from their production and which meet Lamiex’s requirements can send the chips back to our company;
  • We reprocess the waste and generate new sheets from it;
  • These sheets are returned to the customer who supplied the chips, creating a sustainable cycle.

With LAMISERVICE, your company invests in reducing environmental impacts and also reduces production costs, resulting in a double advantage.

Production Of Recycled Sheets

In addition to our concern with the destination of our sheets, we also perform services to reduce the environmental impact by producing recycled sheets, which can be used for various uses.

There are two sources for this recycled material:

  1. The first are partner recycling companies, which supply PP and HDPE material with a quality certificate to guarantee the material and some properties.
  2. The second is also part of a Lamiex reverse logistics policy. If customers have PP or HDPE chips resulting from their processes, but are not interested in LAMISERVICE, we buy the chips that meet our acceptance requirements. Thus, in addition to contributing to the environment, the customer is also able to recover part of the value invested in virgin sheet and reduce solid waste disposal costs.

It is worth noting that regardless of the source, these materials are intended exclusively for recycled sheets.

Return Of Uncontaminated Trims And Scrap

Even in the production of virgin sheets, Lamiex values sustainability.

Production leftovers, such as uncontaminated trimming (side cuts) and scrap (such as sheets rejected for dimensional reasons), are not discarded. This material passes through mills and sieves and returns to the laminating process.

This action guarantees an ecologically sustainable sheet and does not impact the quality of our product at all.

Correct Disposal Of Contaminated Materials

Despite all the care taken not to generate waste, it is inevitable that some materials suffer contamination that prevents their reuse. In these cases, Lamiex sends this waste to a partner company, with the same sustainable purposes as Lamiex, for a better use of this plastic. This company receives all waste and disposes of the material correctly.

Why are plastic reuse actions so important?

Reverse logistics, recycling, sustainable reuse, and correct disposal are rational ways to treat the chips and waste generated every day by the plastics industry, considerably reducing one of the major problems the industry faces: the disposal of waste.

Actions such as those carried out by Lamiex revalue these materials, making them useful again and generating other benefits such as:

  • Reduced volume of plastic materials destined for landfills, dumps, seas, rivers, and soils;
  • Reduction of the need to extract raw material of fossil origin;
  • Possible financial return to customers and Lamiex;
  • Improvement of the image of the companies that are part of this production chain;
  • More credibility;
  • Expanding into new markets.

As you can see, Lamiex takes sustainability seriously and we suggest that your company also has this vision, because sustainability has become one of the purchase criteria for consumers and carrying out actions in favor of the environment can generate a great differential for your company.

With simple sustainability actions and partnership, let’s change the reality of the country regarding plastic use!

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