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Thermal insulation coating for industrial piping and equipment

Instalador Lamitherm
The ideal solution in thermal insulation coating for industrial piping and equipment.

Lamitherm is a Polypropylene (PP) sheet carefully developed to guarantee maximum protection against combustion and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Even under intense sun exposure, it offers protection against ultraviolet rays. It is flame retardant with an HB and V-2 rating as per UL94, meeting the most stringent standards.


By switching from traditional aluminum or stainless steel to the innovative Lamitherm, not only do you say goodbye to oxidation and signs of wear, but you also ensure superior protection and performance with a better aesthetic finish to the liner jackets.

One of Lamitherm’s differentials is the possibility of pigmentation of the coating, allowing easy identification of the pipes. This feature makes maintenance and operation even more efficient.

Smart Alternative

Lamitherm is a superior substitute for corrugated aluminum, smooth aluminum and 430 and 304 stainless steels.

Lamitherm - Revestimento isolamento térmico-tubulações indústriais equipamentos

Main Features of Lamitherm

Chemical resistant

Easy installation

Electrical insulator

Flame retardant – Clas. V-2

Impact resistant


Thermal insulator

UV radiation resistant


Main Applications

Lamitherm is the ideal choice for many industries including marine, pulp and paper, mining, offshore, petrochemical and steel. Its versatility and performance guarantee exceptional results in any environment.


Steel industry


Petrochemical industry


Pulp and Paper Industry


Mining Industry


Naval Industry



Measurement Chart

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
1 to 51.000*on request

Sales Terms

Attractive rates for BNDES card. See general conditions.
Our minimum order is 200kg.
For special deals talk to us!

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