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Effluents and Electroplating

In the galvanizing steps, there are several water washes to remove excess raw material, then the workpiece is dipped in the tank and transferred to the next step. For this technically and commercially demanding segment, materials must meet the highest standards of durability and quality.

Lamiex operates in lines that offer much more resistance to increase the useful life of tanks and parts.

Lamipro+ com proteção anti-UV
Lamipro+, on the other hand, was specially developed to meet the requirements in the electroplating, effluent treatment, chemical product tanks industries that require protection from ultraviolet radiation, bringing greater durability to the product. Resistant to chemicals, it avoids corrosion of the material, in addition to a better value for money compared to other raw materials such as stainless steel, for example.
Lamipiso Logo Lamiex
Lamipiso is an exclusive product, with a low coefficient of thermal expansion, to be used in industrial areas that require non-slip floors with high chemical resistance, such as electroplating, chemical industries and laboratories. It is also indicated for retention of liquids harmful to the environment.
Lamifire Logo Lamiex
Lamifire, a flame retardant sheet, meets the steps that need protection against fire, that is, against combustion or burning in galvanizing.

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