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Meet the new Lamiex brand

Lamiex’s new visual identity has modern and light features, seeking to modernize the brand and increase the connection with the general public.

In order to bring the company even closer to its customers and the community in general, Lamiex has a new feature: its new branding. For a few months now, the company has been preparing to make this important change and now, in September 2022, you will finally be able to get to know Lamiex’s new visual identity.

The change

Lamiex has always been proud of being a modern and humanized company. And it is precisely for these reasons that the company decided to make a change in its branding: make these characteristics also represented in its visual identity.

The change encompasses all branding elements, from its logo to the new website. With a lighter and modern design, the objective is to bring Lamiex closer to its customers, suppliers, business partners and the community in general. In other words: the company seeks to have an even closer connection with people.

To do so, some significant changes were made. The main one was the choice of the new logo font. With thinner letters, the brand became lighter and less “conservative“. This is also the reason for choosing a sans serif font, that is, one that does not have an extension at the ends. After all, this type of font guarantees simplicity and visual objectivity, representing clarity and sensitivity for the brand.

As for the colors, orange remains predominant. In addition to it, it is also possible to find other colors on the new website, such as gray, white and, in some elements, yellow. The tone has changed a lot, we seek to bring stronger colors to achieve a greater visual presence.

The choice of this color palette was also an important decision and each one of them represents important values of the company, as you can see below:

  • Orange: represents energy, balance, sociability, enthusiasm and confidence;
  • Gray: represents modernity, technology, responsibility, professionalism and innovation.
  • Black: represents elegance and strength.

About Lamiex

This change could not have come at a better time. After all, Lamiex has always had the vision to be known as an innovative industry in plastic processing. In the market since 2004, its premise is to offer products and services with the highest quality standard, offering solutions that truly transform the world.

Lamiex’s portfolio includes polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) laminate sheets options. These products, combined with extensive market knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, allow the company to offer solutions for the most diverse segments. Lamiex serves customers in Brazil and Latin America, in segments such as:

  • Food;
  • Agribusiness;
  • Industry
  • Effluents and Electroplating;
  • Transportation and Logistics;
  • Communication;

Meet our products

As we said earlier, Lamiex has a vast portfolio of products. Each of them has specific characteristics and indications. They are:

  • Lamipro+: UV-resistant polypropylene sheet;
  • Lamipro: polypropylene sheet with high chemical resistance;
  • Lamipiso: non-slip PP flooring;
  • Lamifire: flame-retardant PP sheet;
  • Lamilen: natural or colored HDPE sheet;
  • Lamiboard: double textured HDPE sheet with anti UV;
  • Lamiglide: self-lubricating HDPE sheet;
  • Lamitruck: HDPE sheet for coating dump boxes;
  • Lamisolda: PP or HDPE welding wire;
  • Lamilen R: reprocessed or relaminated HDPE sheet;
  • Lamipro R: reprocessed PP sheet, with high chemical resistance.

Meet our services

You may not know, but in addition to our products, Lamiex also acts offering specialized services. All of them aim to help customers make the best possible use of PP and HDPE sheets.

Check out our services below:

  • Projects: Lamiex has a multidisciplinary team ready to develop projects related to the application of PP sheets, HDPE and machined parts;
  • Workpiece Machining: the company also has an area totally dedicated to parts machining. In this way, our team helps in the development and optimization of special projects, contributing to the reduction of losses, manufacturing costs and production time;
  • Relaminating: all waste from the production of Lamiex customers can be sent for a new reprocessing, with virgin material. In this way, new sheets are generated, with excellent performance and numerous application possibilities;
  • Lamiservice: Lamiex also has thermofusion equipment and specialists ready to offer high stability and resistance welding services on HDPE and PP sheets.

The importance of sustainability

One of Lamiex’s most important factors is its commitment to sustainability. We know that plastic, when released into the environment without proper care, takes time to decompose. Therefore, the socio-environmental commitment is present in the day to day of the company. The main example of this is reprocessed HDPE and PP sheets.

With this service, practically all sheets can be reused, making this material a sustainable and quality item. As for waste that cannot be reprocessed, it is sent to specialized companies. They, in turn, give them the correct destination.

But that is not all! Lamiex also takes other actions to fulfill its commitment to the environment. One of them is the preservation of resources, avoiding the scarcity of materials such as wood and steel. In addition, the company also reuses all the water used in its manufacturing process.

And finally, we could not fail to mention the investment in renewable energy sources. After all, with them, the needs of Lamiex’s physical facilities were met. And best of all, in 2020 alone, the company managed to reduce the equivalent of 262.56 tCO2 of greenhouse gases.

Finally, we must emphasize that plastic is a material present in people’s daily lives and Lamiex believes that, with the correct use of this material, the world can be a safer, more accessible and prosperous place. And that’s what our new brand stands for, solutions that transform the world.

If you liked our new brand and this text, take the opportunity to access our networks and follow Lamiex content.

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