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Lamiex 20 Anos
Lamiex 20 Anos
In constant motion

Celebrate with us and watch the new institutional video.

Turning ideas into reality

Through plastic, with sustainable solutions that make the world better.

The revolution in the sheet industry

Brazilian industry specialist in PP and HDPE laminate sheets for infinite applications.

The best application for every demand

Smart alternatives with greater durability, safety and economy.

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Polypropylene and Polyethylene Laminate Sheets

Solutions that change the world

We extended the limits of PP and HDPE laminates. Our portfolio includes high quality and unique products, we are alongside the main productive sectors of the Brazilian economy.

Lamipro+ com proteção anti-UV

PP + UV sheets resistant to ultraviolet radiation

High density PP laminate

Non-slip PP flooring


We offer services that range from Consulting, Relaminating, to Workpiece Machining with the same quality standard you already trust.


Consultancy for the evaluation and the application of PP and HDPE sheets or machined parts.

Workpiece Machining

Our Lamiparts area is ready for production with the optimization of large-scale special projects.


All our customers’ production waste can be sent back to be processed, thus generating new blades.


Welding in HDPE and PP up to 30mm thick.

Why do we process plastic?

We shape a better future with a positive footprint in the world. Witness how our solutions make a difference.


Waste reduction

The high durability of the sheets we produce decreases waste because it avoids the use of materials that would be disposed of earlier.


Preservation of resources

We contribute to avoiding scarcity of natural resources such as wood and steel, current problems for the development of multiple markets, including agriculture and industry.


Smart economy

Our solutions and technology are cost-effective, saving funds that can be better invested in the growth of each business.

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