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Find out what Lamipro+ is and where it can be applied

Get to know Lamipro+, a Lamiex product made of polypropylene whose main characteristics are chemical and UV radiation resistance.

Lamiex is an industry specialized in polyethylene and polypropylene laminate sheets. On the market for almost 20 years, the company has a wide range of products. And one of them is Lamipro+.

Ideal to meet the manufacturing requirements of equipment that demand high chemical, impact and ultraviolet radiation resistance, Lamipro+ may be the product your company is looking for.

Keep reading and learn more about this Lamiex product.

Discover what is Lamipro+

Lamipro+ is a Lamiex product, made up of polypropylene laminate sheets.

With a compound of copolymer and homopolymer, it also has a UV additive, which offers this characteristic of resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

Importantly, Lamipro+ processed sheets are easily formed and welded with hand weld, portable extruder or butt weld. Not to mention that this product also allows cuts with different equipment, such as:

  • Sliding table saw;
  • Circular saw;
  • CNC machine;
  • Among others.

It is worth remembering that Lamiex only uses quality virgin raw materials from the main petrochemical centers. But, because it is concerned with the environmental impact and supports the circular economy of the plastics chain in polypropylene waste, the company also reuses sheets.

In other words, Lamiex reprocesses post-industrial PP chips, transforming them into laminate sheets. For this process, the company carries out field tests to ensure that customers can enjoy products at a lower cost, without losing quality.

What are the main features of Lamipro+?

As you already know, Lamipro+ is made of polypropylene. And like most polyolefin polymers, this product is resistant to many solvents and chemicals. Want some examples?

Lamipro+ is resistant to all types of acids, with the exception of Sulfuric Acid 98%, Nitric Acid 60% and Chromic. In addition, it is also resistant to caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite and non-chlorinated. Check out the Polypropylene Chemical Resistance Chart to learn more.

In addition to its excellent chemical resistance, Lamipro+ also contains additives that filter ultraviolet rays. These additives offer migratory characteristics that restore the filter to the surface of the material, extending its useful life.

But these are not the only features of these products. In addition to chemical and ultraviolet radiation resistance, we can also highlight:

  • Easy welding;
  • Easy machining and shaping;
  • Good rigidity;
  • High impact resistance;
  • Great electrical insulation;
  • Low density;
  • High durability and profitability;
  • Non-stick properties;
  • Great thermal insulator.

In terms of measurements, Lamipro+ can be found in the following sizes:

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
1 and 210002000 and 3000
3 to 201300 and 20004000
25 and 3010004000

If the customer requires measurements outside the Lamiex standard of thickness, width, and length, our production team must be contacted.

Where can Lamipro+ be applied?

Due to the characteristics mentioned above, Lamipro+ sheets meet the demands of manufacturing equipment in the electroplating, effluent treatment, chemical and gas tanks segments. Therefore, this product can be used in numerous applications, such as:

  • Electroplating tanks;
  • Gas scrubbers;
  • Equipment for effluent treatment;
  • Exhaust gases;
  • Galvanizing facilities flooring;
  • Tanks for chemical products;
  • Gas scrubbers;
  • Cylindrical and prismatic tanks;
  • Filters;
  • Parts that demand high chemical resistance;

Interested in lamipro+?

Want to know more about this product? Talk to one of our experts.

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