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Welding wire in PP or HDPE

Material specially developed for joining by welding PP and HDPE sheets.

Lamisolda is a high quality PP or HDPE wire used to weld Polyethylene or Polypropylene sheets and tubes. Based on 100% virgin material, we guarantee the same characteristics and properties as Lamiex sheets. The wire can be oval or triangular in shape.

The product can be applied with a portable extruder, heat gun, or torch.


Better finish and versatility for welding, as the same material as sheet metal can be used.

Lamisolda Imagem Social Lamiex

Main Applications

Lamisolda serves several segments and applications such as:

Polyethylene for use with Lamilen or Lamiboard products
In polypropylene for use with Lamipro, Lamipro+ or Lamipiso.
Aplicações Principais Lamisolda

Measurement Chart


3.5 x 2.5mm


4.0 x 3.0mm


4.5 x 3.5mm


5.0 x 7.0mm

*Packages weighing approximately 5kg.

Sales Terms

Lower rates for BNDS card. See general conditions.
Our minimum order is 30kg.

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