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Solutions that change the world

Lamiex is a Brazilian company specialized in the manufacture of Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) laminate sheets for different segments and applications.

Our purpose is to transform ideas into reality, with sustainable solutions that make the world better.

Since 2004, we have been working daily, investing in innovation and technology, to solve challenges of the current growing demands of several productive sectors of the Brazilian economy and society.

We are present in people's lives and make the world a safer, more accessible and prosperous place.

We are a benchmark in our national industry

Our intense commitment to the continuous improvement of processes and quality has made us a national reference in the plastics transformation industry.

We are among the main PP and HDPE sheet industries serving multiple segments in Brazil and Latin America such as the food, chemical, nautical, water and effluent treatment, electroplating, transport and logistics, communication and general industry.

Mission, vision and values


Through lasting relationships with customers, partners and employees, we co-create plastics solutions to contribute to a more productive, economical and sustainable society.


To be a reference brand in the global market in plastic transformation solutions for industrial applications.

Non-Negotiable Values


Don't be a hero

How not to do it I know

Exceed customer expectations

Don't stop trying

Build lasting relationships

A brick a day

Commitment to the truth

Make it happen

Industrial process with technology and high production capacity

Our industrial process is supplied by a gravimetric doser that uses a vacuum system, individually doses up to 4 components, respecting the proportion of the programmed recipe with accuracy and homogeneity, guaranteeing the quality of our plates.

Our production is fully aligned with the demand of our orders, considering the remaining stock, which is managed smartly, based on the KANBAN methodology. We are expanding our manufacturing park, an expansion that promises to increase our current production capacity.

Size and speed

Lamiex dispatches orders every day with scheduled collections to SP, PR, SC, and RS and other states with redispatch in the state of SP.

Laboratory Tests

Lamiex has invested in a number of laboratory equipment in order to optimize internal studies and carry out comparative analyses. We are currently able to carry out the main mechanical, thermal, electrical and physical tests.


Sustainability is part of our work, and this has been one of our socio-environmental commitments here at Lamiex. We invest in renewable energy sources to meet the demands of physical facilities. It was possible to reduce, in 2022 alone, the equivalent of 240.46 tCO2 of greenhouse gases.

One of the main words used at Lamiex is: SUSTAINABILITY. We do not think only about our customers and employees, but also about our planet.

Sheets that remain

We know that plastic takes years to decompose in the environment. For this reason, we are able to reprocess virtually all of our sheets, creating a sustainable, quality material.

Correct disposal of factory waste

All material that cannot be reprocessed is sent to specialized companies that dispose of the waste correctly.

Circulating water

We reuse all the water used in the manufacturing process.

Quality Policy

We meet strict quality standards and are constantly improving our processes and products to deliver the best results.

Social Responsibility

We monthly support the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital, which works with children in the most vulnerable situations in Curitiba, by providing recurrent resources that guarantee access to several quality treatments.

Why do we process plastic?

We shape a better future with a positive footprint in the world. Witness how our solutions make a difference.


Waste reduction

The high durability of the sheets we produce decreases waste because it avoids the use of materials that would be disposed of earlier.


Preservation of resources

We contribute to avoiding scarcity of natural resources such as wood and steel, current problems for the development of multiple markets, including agriculture and industry.


Smart economy

Our solutions and technology are cost-effective, saving funds that can be better invested in the growth of each business.

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