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Workpiece Machining in PP and HDPE for special projects

Workpiece Machining

Lamiparts: professionalism and precision for your project.

Lamiex has the exclusive Lamiparts area, dedicated to Workpiece Machining. We have CNC Router technology and a specialized team to contribute to the development and optimization of projects with a focus on reducing losses, reducing manufacturing costs and production time.

Our milling machine reproduces virtual molds in CAD, which makes it possible to use different types of cuts with high precision, to create perfectly dimensioned and cut parts.


Our machines manufacture parts with a width of up to 2,000 mm and a length of up to 5,000 mm.. For machining of workpieces above these dimensions, we are available on request.

Main Applications

Miscellaneous machines and equipment
Components for tanks
Parts for the agricultural industry

Attractive rates for the BNDS card.

See general conditions.

Cost reduction

High precision and agility

Reduction of manufacturing time

Support for project optimization

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