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Polypropylene PP sheet with high chemical resistance

High chemical and physical impact resistance, with excellent thermal insulation.


Lamipro is a lightweight, easy-to-weld product, a recommended alternative for the security industry that requires durable, lightweight material.

Smart Alternative

This product is a superior substitute for stainless steel in many material applications, with safety and non-toxicity.

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Main Features of Lamipro

Chemical resistant

Electrical insulator

Good rigidity

Impact resistant

Low density

Low moisture absorption

Main Applications

Lamipro are sheets of natural polypropylene (PP) with Lamiex quality and can be used in multiple segments such as:

Drinking fountains and water cooling
Orthoses manufacturing
Coatings for laboratory furniture
Aplicações Principais Lamipro - bebedouros

Drinking fountains and water cooling

Aplicações Principais Lamipro - órteses

Orthoses manufacturing

Aplicações Principais Lamipro - revestimento movies lab

Coatings for
laboratory furniture

Measurement Chart

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
1 to 40up to 2600on request

*Special measures on request.

Sales Terms

Lower rates for BNDS card. See general conditions.
Our minimum order is 200kg.
For special discounts, contact us!

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