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Policies and Certifications

Quality Policy

Be effective in each activity through prevention and continuous improvement, meeting the requirements of interested parties with ethics and transparency.

  • PREVENTION: Follow procedures, do it right the first time and act before it happens.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT :Innovate processes, systems and products, empowering those involved.
  • MEET REQUIREMENTS: Perform and deliver what was agreed.
  • ETHICS AND TRANSPARENCYInteract in a healthy and honest way with all interested parties.


Certificate of compliance with ISO 9001:2015: QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

Trade Policy

Lamiex is a company with operations throughout Brazil and, in order to maintain our commitment to our customers, we always act in accordance with our mission and values.

In this way, we also have a rigorous Commercial Policy that clearly and centrally outlines all our commitments to ethical, transparent behavior and, above all, respect for our customers.

Based on this Policy, all relationships with our customers, suppliers, competitors, employees, and government agencies are based on compliance with applicable laws, regulations and codes of conduct, ensuring fair business relationships and in compliance with all rules that conduct business transactions.

To read the Lamiex General Policy

DUNS Certificate

Companies around the world use Duns™ Number to link information about suppliers, customers and business partners. This enables a more comprehensive view of the risk and opportunity in business relations.

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