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Transportation and Logistics

In such essential and critical areas for the economy of a country with an immense territory like Brazil, Lamiex offers exclusive products for this segment.

Due to their low weight, plastics are perfect materials for many fields of application. This includes the marine industry, where plastics can make a considerable contribution when it comes to reducing costs with durable, lighter products. The so-called weight reduction was also adopted by the automotive industry as a way to produce more efficient vehicles.

Lamitruck Logo Lamiex
The cargo transportation sector requires high resistance to abrasion, reduction of friction and friction, giving greater safety and durability to these products, in addition to a much faster unloading due to its non-stick effect. For this, we developed the exclusive Lamitruck that meets all the demands of the sector.
Lamilen R Logo Lamiex
Also used in this sector, Lamilen R is another eco-friendly option.
Lamipro R Logo Lamiex
The Lamipro R line is an ecologically correct product, also widely used in this sector.

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