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We play an important role in industry sectors with various solutions that allow their development and innovation.

Due to their low weight, plastics are the perfect material for many fields of application. This includes the aviation industry, where plastics can make a considerable contribution when it comes to reducing aircraft fuel consumption. The so-called weight reduction was also adopted by the automotive industry as a way to produce more efficient vehicles.

In civil construction, Lamiex sheets are highly sought after and offer several advantages in this area of business, such as: durability, impact resistance and ease of handling.

Plastics entered the healthcare industry many years ago. Plastics are used in orthopedics and medicine with the main objective of providing patients with a better quality of life.

For the leisure industry, they need creative and colorful designs that can stand the test of time and be used in playgrounds and other outdoor structures. This durable material retains its color and finish through intense sunlight and weather conditions.

In addition to all these applications, we also develop all types of parts in the industrial sector that require wear resistance and longer service life.

Lamipro Logo Lamiex
With Lamipro, it is a material that is easy to weld and machine, contributing to several sectors, such as: orthotics, drinking fountains and even coatings for laboratory furniture.
Lamilen Logo Lamiex
The Lamilen line offers a diversity of colors.
Lamiboard Logo Lamiex
The Lamiboard line, in addition to the variety of colors in the portfolio, also has an aesthetically attractive texture, which protects against scratches and ultraviolet rays.
Lamiparts Logo Lamiex
In addition to products, we have the Workpiece Machining service, called Lamiparts, used in guides and parts for conveyor belts.

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