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Lamiex receives a Renewable Energy Certificate

Lamiex has built a success story since 2004, transforming plastics into solutions. Our goal is to offer the best products, aiming to fully meet the needs of customers, with quality from the first contact to the after-sales.

We know that sustainability is fundamental in our performance, so that there is growth without affecting our future and that of our descendants.

In 2021, we reduced the emission of greenhouse gases by 262.56 tCO2 by using energy from renewable sources. This reinforces our commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection.

Renewable Energy Certificate 2021

We won the 2021 Renewable Energy Certificate, issued by COMERC Energia and Sinerconsult, symbolizing our commitment to sustainable development.

Technology, versatility, efficiency, and sustainability are present every day in Lamiex’s operation.

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