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Specialized services in PP and HDPE

Count on our team of experts

Lamiex also operates in the service areas, with expertise to assist our customers in the best use of PP and HDPE sheets.


Lamiex has a team of multidisciplinary specialists such as consultants, designers and engineers to assist in the development of projects with the application of PP, HDPE sheets or machined parts.

Workpiece Machining

Exclusive area dedicated to Workpiece Machining. Our team contributes to the development and optimization of special projects, contributing to the reduction of losses and manufacturing costs and production time.


In the service of rolling, re-rolling or reprocessing sheets, all the waste from our customers’ production can be sent again to be reprocessed together with new virgin material, thus generating new blades with great performance for various applications.


We have thermofusion equipment and a specialist team to provide high stability and resistance welding services on HDPE and PP sheets.

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